Bolero Associates put us on the path of implementing the desired goals of our business. From a complete “Cultural Quality makeover, to developing measures needed to hold my team accountable on true improvements in all aspects of our business—Quality performance, Delivery performance, and increased margins on higher sales.
John Kruger, CEO    Accurate Metal Fabricators    Seal Beach, California


Dave Nagy provided invaluable education, facilitation, and implementation of multiple projects beginning with the fundamentals of setting a mission, vision and statements of belief for our organization. During this process, Mr. Nagy’s guidance has been invaluable. I cannot over-emphasize the value that has been added to our business as a team and, we believe to the community.
Dr. C. Edward Anderson, Jr. MD, CEO   Desert Pain Medicine Group    Palm Springs, California


We are so pleased with the result of the work of Bolero Associates, I am writing to thank you and congratulate you on a job well done. We wanted to become a World Class Manufacturer. Far from our goal but found the guidance to make the right steps in the right direction with Bolero Associates. We firmly believe your outstanding development and delivery of high quality training classes, tailored to our company, combined with your guidance on how to integrate the messages of the training class into our operation, are largely responsible for the successful transformation we are now enjoying in our business.     
Jill Gray, Director General Affairs    TDK Electronics Inc.    Anaheim, California

                                  CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY FULLERTON

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) model was presented to the President’s Administrative Board (PAB) By Bolero Associates.  Because of this presentation, the PAB approved and supported a continuous improvement model intended to examine selected campus issues. Performance Enhancement Teams (PET) began with the examination of their subject matter under the facilitation of Bolero Associates.  It is anticipated that PAB provide follow-up at a subsequent meeting describing the progress in completing the intent of the PET recommendations.

Dr. Milton Gordon, President     California State University Fullerton    Fullerton, California


We at Team Penske would like to express our appreciation to you and Bolero Associates for leading us through the ETP process, resulting in securing funding for our 831 employees. Our partnership with Dave Nagy and Bolero Associates exceeded our expectations. Dave was very knowledgeable of the ETP process, the hurdles, and how to move the application throughout the process. Dave’s leadership was also right on target as he worked with us to develop the right curriculum for our 100+ job titles. He also helped us develop a course-scheduling format that gave our 831 employees 40 hour of training in the shortest time possible. Since the auto industry is not a typical ETP user group, and this was the first major ETP auto industry agreement, numerous refinements were required by ETP at all levels. Dave professionally and diligently took charge to keep the initiative moving forward and on time.  
We would highly recommend Dave Nagy and Bolero Associates.
Mark Tallman, Director of Training - Ken Rankin, Director of H R - Penske Automotive Group, Inc. - El Monte, CA





We’ve had a long and valued relationship with the Principals at Bolero Associates over several years as they have converted supply chain innovation to reality. They really grasp the difference between supply chain theory and achieving supply chain success. Bolero Associates clearly understand the tradeoffs of in-house vs. outsourcing strategy and how to leverage core competency for results.  Bolero has a good hands-on understanding of how to make supply chains work in the real world.

Craig Conrad, Senior Vice President TTI - Global Sales & Marketing​​​​

                    BELL CANADA

Bolero Associates was instrumental in helping Bell Canada develop an effective VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) solution dramatically reducing Bell’s inventory while raising field service levels. Their innovative ideas enabled us to collaborate with a major supply partner in developing our first Supply Chain solution removing time and cost for both companies. 

Doug Breckenbach, VP of Supply Chain Bell Canada Montreal, Canada